Monday, July 22, 2013

How time flies

I can't believe it's been three weeks. The time has just flown by. Warmachine work had slowed down a bit, but I'm getting back into the swing of painting stuff again. I've managed to play a game, listen to a ton of podcasts, and get a much better idea of what the game is.

My game didn't really finish. It was a learning affair with what models I actually own. What lesson I took from it was to play much a more aggressively. The man o war did well, but their speed needs to be handled. I'm thinking of just running them first turn and getting an ironfang kovnik. He'll give them +2 speed when they shieldwall. So they'll move 14 inches in two turns with a run. The widowmakers did fine. I used the marksman's swift hunter ability to move them after each kill. It will be very valuable to keep them moving while remaining stationary to hit high defense targets. The Butcher did great with iron flesh and fury. And I was happy to see eCaine have trouble with my high armor and health. The best unit had to be the Destroyer. It landed a bombard round on Boomhowler's head and eliminated him. Then it beat down Ol' Rowdy in melee.

I had the chance to assemble one of my berserkers and get some base colors painted. Sadly, the week I was working on it, three separate podcasts mentioned how terrible they were. Yeah, they're one point cheaper than a juggernaut, but not nearly as good. I plan to sacrifice them though. They won't need any focus to just let go and head straight for the enemies front line. My widowmakers are almost finished, just need some basing. And I have decided on a basing technique for now. I'm going with earth-tones. I just find black to be too boring. Actually, the only black I have painted on models is hair...on one guy... Otherwise I use the panzer ace color "dark rubber" with a nuln oil shade.

As for future plans... I want to get pVlad, some Greylord outriders, winterguard mortars, and that ironfang kovnik. There are also half a dozen loose ends I want as well. But I plan to eventually get every model Khador has to offer. For now, I'll stick with utilitarian units and try to build good, competitive lists. Once I have the models, then I can play more games and try to get tournament experience.

The dates for adepticon have been released, and I'd like to play in Warmachine events. I've already booked my own hotel. So far I've got one guy staying with me. There will be room for four, I just need to find others who want to make the trip. Well, I don't NEED to, I just want to save some money on the room.

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